Dear Valued Clients:

We have enjoyed serving you and your pets since 2003 but we have decided to plan towards retirement. With this in mind we will now only be open seasonally as follows: 01 Jun to 30 Sep and 01 Dec to 31 Jan for the foreseeable future. We ask that all bookings be only done through email to ensure a paper trail is present.

Paul and Marilyn McNally

Boarding Requirements

Written proof of up-to-date vaccination status (FRCP & Rabies) must be presented at the time of check-in. Rabies tags are not considered proof of vaccination. At present the Feline Leukemia vaccine is not a requirement for your pet boarding with us. We advise that you discuss the matter with your Veterinarian, especially if the pet has been raised in a cattery or the history is unknown.

The owner must provide all medications at the time of drop-off in sufficient amounts to ensure that therapy is continued, as directed by the Veterinarian.

All cats over the age of 5 months must be either spayed or neutered. Unaltered male or female cats will not be accepted at our facility.

To minimize the amount of changes in the cat’s routine we ask that you provide sufficient food for your pets’ stay with us. If your pet runs out of food while boarding with us, we will purchase the same brand and the cost of picking up the food plus the cost of the food will be added to your invoice.

We recommend that you bring something for your pet’s room that has the scent of the home such as a pet bed or blanket. Please ensure the item is labeled with your name

Basic Rates

Daily Boarding

Starts at:
1 cat: $19.00/night

Additional cat from same family sharing with 1st cat: $10.00/night/cat

(GST not included)

Monthly Boarding

30 day rates:
1st cat: (25% discount) $425.00
2nd cat: $300.00

2 Cats Sharing: $725.00

(GST not included)

Monthly Boarding +

31+ day rates:
1 cat: $14.25/night

Sharing Additional cats:

(GST not included)

Above rates do not include GST

If pets boarding more than 30 days credit card number must be left on file for monthly processing.

Pet Taxi

(Google Maps referenced for mileage rates)

Within 30km


Pick up or delivery to pet’s home (within 30 km radius of Exclusively Cat Kennel)

Within 30km-60km


Pick up or delivery to pet’s home (30 km – 60 km radius of Exclusively Cat Kennel)

Greater than 60km


Pick up or delivery to International Airport (or area greater than 60 km radius of Exclusively Cat Kennel)

Pick up of Food/Medication or Vet visit


Depending on distance

Medication Fee

Pills, ointment or liquid medications

$1 /admin

Insulin injections and blood glucometer checks

$2.50 /admin

Subcutaneous Fluids

$4 /admin

Intramuscular / Subcutaneous injection

$4 /admin

Non-Presription Medication Additives to Food

50¢ /admin

Our Cat Condos

Our Cat Condo’s range in size from 24 sq ft (6 ft long x 4 ft wide x 7 ft tall) to 30 + sq ft. The largest rooms are sufficiently large for multiple cat families while the majority of rooms are designed for 1 or 2 pets from the same family. Main floor cat condos all have sliding windows. The six rooms on the 2nd level do not have windows but are all at least 30 sq ft or larger. Specific rooms cannot be guaranteed at booking time to facilitate “special needs” cats and scheduling requirements.

Method of Payment:

Cash, Interact/Debit Card, Visa or MasterCard. Sorry American Express and personal cheques are not accepted